Complete Bathroom Renovation Checlist

4 Point Checklist For Your Complete Bathroom Renovations

4 Point Checklist For Your Complete Bathroom Renovations

A complete bathroom renovation is an exciting task, nevertheless before you jump in your excitement to get your bathroom renovated, there are a few pointers you should pay attention.

Our goal at Booth Building Services is not just to offer services for you, but also to educate you on bathroom renovations. This is so that you can make a great decision about your bathroom renovation and we will be there to complete the dream. In this article we talk about 4 important points, for a complete checklist, visit Freshome’s 15 checklist article.

We offer our services to any client who wants a complete bathroom renovation in Sydney: from residential clients who want a complete overhaul of their bathrooms to commercial clients and local authorities. In this post we will discuss some of the important points you should bear in mind any time you consider a complete bathroom renovation.

Complete Bathroom Renovation CheclistBefore discuss these pointers, it is important that you bear in mind that in as much as bathroom renovation can be exciting, it is also most times, overwhelming, time-consuming and costly. These pointers were prepared to help you cut down the stress, and help you keep your project on track and your renovation runs smoothly.

1. Budget

Your budget is very important. If you do not know how to create a budget for your bathroom renovation. We have already written a post earlier on how to plan a budget for your bathroom renovation or you can call us and we will be glad to help you. Setting a budget will help you make a decision on what to add and what not to add for your complete bathroom renovation. After you have had a clear idea of what you are likely to spend for your renovations, then you can get a free quote from us. You can now add the quote to the cost of fixtures you will need to complete your renovation. Now you are ready to start your complete bathroom renovation.

2. Time

It is quite understandable to see that most people assume that during a small bathroom renovation, only a few days will be required to complete the renovations. After, it is a small bathroom renovation. This is not necessarily so, the time to complete a bathroom renovation is independent of the size of the bathroom. Rather, it depends on the fixtures you will be fixing. Timing is very important especially for those who have only one bathroom, because when the renovation starts you will have to have an already made plan for where you will be taking your shower. The planning does not just involve the time our work men will be at your home, but also for the ordering and receiving of all the materials needed to complete the renovations.

3. Ventilation

This is a very important aspect of your complete bathroom renovations. Ventilation is very crucial in a wet room like a bathroom. It is also a very tricky task that requires careful planning and consideration. You will have to choose the right fan, the right position for installation and deal with the electric wiring. Poor ventilation will definitely leave your room damp, moldy and harmful to your health.

4. Lightning and Accessories

Although they may seem insignificant without the right light a bathroom maybe rendered impractical. Therefore planning the lighting is very important. Plant o maximize the natural light first, then an artificial light of at least 4 watts of incandescent light per square foot can be used.

No complete bathroom renovation is complete without new accessories. New accessories like new towels, wash clothes, soap dishes, mirrors, towels racks and bath mas all add to the bill.

This important 4 point checklist was put together to help you plan for your complete bathroom renovations.

Contact the bathroom renovation specialists today on 0404 896 677 to help you get started with your complete bathroom renovation.

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