At Booth Building Services we strive to provide high quality workmanship but most of all we always make sure we have a good relationship with the Companies and clients in which we work along side with.

Insurance claims can be a very stressfull time for the people out of pocket with there much loved belongings damaged or lost.

This is why Booth Building services make sure they co-ordinate all insurance claims from start to finish , Keeping in mind we must work with the insurance companies Employees , other trades and the owner in a very proffetional manner dealing with the issues at hand bringing  all the projects at hand in on time.

Our insurance Services include , but are not limited to:

  • Emergency Make Safes
  • Arranging site visites
  • Efficient and competitive quoting
  • Home owners warranty
  • Arranging temporary accomadation
  • Keeping all parties involved in the claim
  • Full project managment
  • Completion of any job big or small from start to finish

Booth building services are always looking for more insurance companies in which they can obtain a relationship with.

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