Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas

Small Bathroom Renovations Ideas

At Booth Building Services we seek to daily provide the best bathroom renovations at a very affordable price. We have being in this business for more than 15 years, therefore it is safe to say, there is no bathroom renovations we have not handled before. From the very big bathrooms with all the Jacuzzi fittings to the small bathroom renovations, we have done it more than once before.

As we seek to help our clients daily to make the best choice of bathroom renovations, especially for small bathroom renovations in Sydney. We will discuss in this article, a few small bathroom renovations ideas.

Idea #1: Using A Black Background

Using a black tiles especially in a small bathroom is a great way to make the room look cosier. Moreover, this will also give you the opportunity to use black in your home, in case you have being trying to fit black in your home décor. Moreover, if your bathroom has a lot of natural light then a dark shade of coloured tile is your best choice. The use of rich and dark colours makes the walls of the small space recede. For more ideas, check out Homes and Gardens’ small bathroom renovation ideas article here.

Idea #2: Glass Illusion

Using mirrors on all the walls of your small bathroom renovations gives it the illusion of great space by allowing you to see from one end of the wall to the other. You do not see the walls right by you. Usually most home-owners prefer to use horizontal lines and a large frame-less mirror to help create the illusion of a larger space.

Idea #3: Use A Pedestal

Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A pedestal sink automatically creates the illusion of extra square footage in a small bathroom. This fitting automatically removes the feeling of clutter. Make sure you choose a cool sink with a pedestal that matches the overall style of the interior and enjoy your space. Sometimes if you want storage in your bathroom and therefore a sick with a pedestal won’t work well for you, then you can use a sink with floating vanity storage. This will not compromise style, will still provide space and make your bathroom look spacious.

Idea #4: Glass Grandeur

A curved glass used to decorate the counter-top of your bathroom usually provides a sense of spaciousness. Usually a hand applied 1-inch Bizazza glass tile mimics the swooping effects of the fixtures.

Idea #5: High Walls

Usually if your floor space is limited we work on create an illusion of high walls in your bathroom. We make your bathroom look larger by emphasizing on the height of the room.

Idea #6: Change The Plan of The Floor

You can also increase the space of your small bathroom during renovations by changing the plan of the floor. A cramped floor makes the room look smaller than it actually is, but changing the location of things like the toilet, sinks and bathtubs will go a long way to make your bathroom look cozy and large enough.

At Booth Building Services we pride ourselves on offering 24-hour response and free quote services for all our clients.

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